Friday, January 08, 2016

AREADNE 2016 - Research of Neural Ensembles

In 22-26 June will be held the conference AREADNE 2016 in Greece. One of the proposed aims is to understand how the activation of large networks of neurons gives rise to the higher order functions of the brain including learning, memory, cognition, perception, action and ultimately conscious awareness. 

There are three major goals of the AREADNE Conferences. First and foremost, the meetings are intended to gather global scientific leaders who work on neural ensembles and create a touch-point for a widely disparate and hybrid field. Second, with a spectacular setting on Santorini, the conferences have been carefully planned to foster discussion and interaction between attendees to encourage the establishment of lasting professional relationships. Third, these meetings continue our efforts to promote systems neuroscience in Greece through creating a world-class forum for cutting-edge research.

Important Dates
  • 2016-01-06 Abstract submissions open
  • 2016-02-12 Abstract submissions close
  • 2016-03-15 Abstract notifications sent

More informations here.

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