Sunday, December 15, 2013

How to reduce your required sleep time to just 2 hours a day

Intelclinic presents a new project called NeuroOn. Using EEG/EOG/EMG and with a sleep mask it will be possible to switch from two different sleep states: monophasic and polyphasic. The result is a solution that offers less and better sleep.

What is polyphasic sleep?
It is a term referring to alternate sleep patterns that can reduce the required sleep time to just 2-6 hours daily. It involves breaking up your sleep into smaller parts throughout the day, which allows you to sleep less but feel as refreshed as if you slept for 8 hours or more.
Simply put, it's a series of fine-tuned power naps that allow you to sleep effectively, rest better and perform at optimum energy levels during the day.
Additionally, NeuroOn monitored polyphasic sleep allows you to sync your body clock to very demanding schedules at whatever time is convenient or required.
In conclusion, through great sleep efficiency, Polyphasic sleep can give you an extra 4 hours of free time every day. That’s up to 28 hours (1 day+) a week, 1460 hours a year.

This project will be completed in July 2014. For more information press here.