Wednesday, June 13, 2018

EPOC Flex - The new EEG device from Emotiv

EMOTIV company has a new EEG device available for $2100. The EPOC Flex as 32 channels (+ 2 references), CMS/DRL configurable in any 10-20 location or on ears, 1024 internal downsampled to 128 SPS, realtime CQ monitor (patented), 0.16 – 43Hz, 16 bit per channel, 0.51μV @ 16 bit,  ±4.17 mV, sintered silver-silver chloride, 9 axis sensor, proprietary 2.4GHz wireless and li-poly battery, 680 mAh up to 9 hours.

EPOC Flex combines the award-winning wireless technology of our EPOC+ headset with the flexibility and high density afforded by more traditional EEG head cap systems. EPOC Flex is a wireless control box that works alongside the EasyCap system. It can be configured to record from any of the standard 10-20 EEG positions for up to 32 channels.

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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