Wednesday, January 06, 2016

4th International Winter Conference on BCI

The 4th International Winter Conference on BCI in Korea, 22-24 February 2016, aims to encourage overview, in-depth talks and discussions, on the latest research of BCI. 

Its devotion includes invasive recording, semi-invasive ECoG, non-invasive EEG, non-invasive NIRS and fMRI measurement and potential combinations of the different methods furthermore advances in data analysis. Informal open discussion will be highly encouraged during its poster session.

Topics of Interest
  • Novel BCI paradigms to elicit and collect data in different settings;
  • Methods for the identification of mental status for BCI;
  • Novel ideas for the combination of different mental strategies;
  • Innovative theories or methodologies for user- or environment-adaptive BCIs;
  • Advanced machine learning techniques for bio-signal processing and classification;
  • Novel ideas and methodologies for multi-modal BCI;
  • Novel methods or concepts for neurofeedback;
  • Ideas for the advancement of BCI through open source collaboration;
  • Applications of BCI including games, neuro-rehabilitation, control, virtual reality, etc.

More informations here.

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