Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Multi-APP Framework for BCI/EEG on Android Smartphones

If you want to process EEG on an Android smartphone then this paper EEG Recording and Online Signal Processing on Android: A Multiapp Framework for Brain-Computer Interfaces on Smartphone from School of Medicine and Health Sciences - University of Oldenburg, published in Biomed Research International, may be of great interest: .

Our aim was the development and validation of a modular signal processing and classification application enabling online EEG signal processing on off-the-shelf mobile Android devices. The software application SCALA (Signal ProCessing and Classification on Android) supports a standardized communication interface to exchange information with external software and hardware. Approach. In order to implement a closed-loop BCI on the smartphone, we used a multiapp framework, which integrates applications for stimulus presentation, data acquisition, data processing, classification, and delivery of feedback to the user. We have implemented the open source signal processing application SCALA. We present timing test results supporting sufficient temporal precision of audio events. We also validate SCALA with a well-established auditory selective attention paradigm and report above chance level classification results for all participants. Regarding the 24-channel EEG signal quality, evaluation results confirm typical sound onset auditory evoked potentials as well as cognitive event-related potentials that differentiate between correct and incorrect task performance feedback. Significance. We present a fully smartphone-operated, modular closed-loop BCI system that can be combined with different EEG amplifiers and can easily implement other paradigms.

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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