Tuesday, January 16, 2018

OpenVibe - One of the Best BCI Software

OpenViBE is a free software platform dedicated to design, process and classify EEG data to be used in brain-computer interfaces. The package includes some tools to create and run custom applications (drag & drop), it is compatible with many EEG devices and demo programs are ready for use. Programming in Python is also possible.

OpenVibe is, in my opinion, one of the best software platform in BCIs so, if you want to learn how to use it, the tutorial from MENSIA enterprise is the best way to start. 

OpenViBE Consortium is the future management and funding structure for OpenViBE. Interested parties can join the consortium as members or donate to it. The consortium will be a non-profit that uses its funds to hire dedicated engineers. The engineers in turn develop the platform to directions that are of interest to the consortium members.

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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