Friday, December 08, 2017

Modeling 10,000 Neurons in the Visual Cortex

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science create models of neurons in the visual cortex of the mouse. With this work it is possible to understand better the neurons connections and the complexity to aquire EEG in a human brain.  

This movie shows preliminary data of 10,000 neurons: 8,000 replicated pyramidal cells (an excitatory neuron, shown first) and 2,000 replicated interneurons (an inhibitory neuron, shown second). Copies of these two cells are displayed one after another in the movie until approximately 10% of the whole model is shown; more than that would be too cluttered to see what is happening. Toward the middle of the movie, the cells are colored according to their properties: excitatory in red and inhibitory in blue. The second half of the movie illustrates activity of the cells in a two second-long simulation. The cells that fire action potentials are intermittently highlighted, giving the viewer an impression of the simulated neuronal activity.

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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