Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Annual BCI Award 2017 Nominees

List of the twelve nominees during the Annual BCI Award 2017 conference.

  • BCI prosthetic hand to control phantom limb pain
  • Implantable Communication BCI for Home-Use in Locked-In Syndrome
  • A brain-spine interface to alleviate gait deficits after spinal cord injury
  • BCI for Communication with Patients in Completely Locked-in State
  • Individual word classification during imagined speech
  • Restoration of finger movements in everyday life environments using a hybrid brain/neural hand exoskeleton
  • Rethinking BCI Paradigm and Machine Learning Algorithm as a Symbiosis: Zero Calibration, Guaranteed Convergence and High Decoding Performance
  • Targeted up-conditioning of contralesional corticospinal pathways promotes motor recovery in poststroke patients with severe chronic hemiplegia
  • Gold Standard for epilepsy/tumor surgery coupled with deep learning offers independence to a promising functional mapping modality
  • High Performance BCI in Controlling an Avatar Using the Missing Hand Representation in Long Term Amputees
  • Online adaptive BCI with attention variations
  • Which BCI paradigm is better to induce agency or sense of control over movements?

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