Saturday, February 25, 2017

NeuroTechNix 2017 - Madeira Island, Portugal

NeuroTechNix will be a meeting point of multidisciplinary teams, of both biomedical and engineering professionals, academics and practitioners. It will promote translational discussions on how technology can meet the needs of both clinical practitioners and persons with neurological disorders. 
Neurotechnix will emphasize research and application of neurotechnologies to different neurological disorders, such as: Neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson disease, Developmental disorders, Dementia , Epilepsy, Sleep disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuroinfections, Brain Tumors, Stroke, Traumatic brain injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Vision and Hearing disorders, among others. 

Conference Topics: 
  • Neural Rehabilitation and Neuroprosthetics: Applications to Complex Communication Needs; Assistive Technologies; Augmentative and Alternative Communication; Biofeedback Therapy; Brain/Neural Computer Interfaces; Case Studies; Clinical and Social Impact of Neurotechnology; Mobile Technologies; Outcome Measures; Privacy, Security and Neuroethics; Robotic Assisted Therapy; Stimulation Systems; Telerehabilitation; Users’ Perception and Experience on Technologies; Virtual Reality Tools;
  • Neuroinformatics and Neurocomputing: (Artificial) Neural Networks; Artificial Life; Brain Models and Functions; Cognitive Science and Psychology; Information Processing; Learning Systems and Memory; Neurobiology; Pattern Recognition; Reverse Engineering the Brain; Self-organization and Evolution;Simulation Models;
  • Neuromodulation and Neural Engineering: Biochips and Nanotechnology; Bionic Vision; Biotechnology; Cochlear implants; Cybernetics; Deep Brain Stimulation; Electrical Stimulation; Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES); Neuro-interface Prosthetic Devices; Optogenetics; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation; 
  • Neuroimaging and Neurosensing: Brain imaging; Diagnostic Sensors; EEG and EMG Signal Processing and Applications; Electrical and Magnetic Recordings; Intelligent Diagnosis Systems; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Mobile and Embedded Devices; Monitoring Systems and Techniques; Neural Signal Processing; Neuroimaging; Optical Imaging Techniques; Positron Emission Tomography; Real Time Monitoringof Neuromuscular and Neural Activity; Remote Neurosensing; Sleep Analysis;
Madeira Island, 30 -31 October 2017
Paper Submissions: May 22, 2017 

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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