Monday, March 07, 2016

Control your Dreams with Aurora Headband

"Have a Lucid Dream!" - This is the new concept of the iWinks company from San Diego, USA. With this system is possible to know you are dreaming, after wakeup remember the dreams or just explore the subconscious.


  • Dream Sounds: Direct your dreams! Smartphone sounds set your dream mood;
  • Comfort: Aurora’s hypoallergenic construction and plush silver sensors;
  • Alarm Clock: Simply set your desired wake-up period;
  • Clinic-Proven: Sleep tracking algorithm learns your sleep stages;
  • Connected: Bluetooth Low Energy onboard;
  • Future-Proof: Open SDK empowers researchers to find new uses;
  • Open Sleep Research Platform: Aurora empowers developers to explore sleep and brain-computer-interface (BCI) research by leveraging our research-grade sensors.

I'm a little concerned about the presentation of this product and all its features but we will wait for the results. For more informations press here.

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