Friday, February 05, 2016

Mint Labs - A Google Maps Solution for the Brain

Mint Labs is a new company based on a cloud platform, created by Paulo Rodrigues, who wants to affirm itself as a "Google Maps for the brain" solution.

We have developed complex mathematical algorithms to de-noise and enhance MRI images while preserving the important structural information in them. These algorithms are kept in our servers, hosted with Google Cloud Engine. We use Leap Motion as an intuitive form of interaction with this 3D maps. This gives the advantage of allowing the doctor to interact and visualize patient images right at point of care, at the operating room. 

Main Features:
  • Storage - Store your imaging data with flexible billing, without hardware, support and any maintenance costs.
  • Processing - Unlike the “do-it-yourself” approach with costly upfront outlay and months of implementation, Mint Labs allows you to automatically apply processing apps, and just pay for what you use.
  • Sharing - Partners around the world can share datasets securely in one place with permissions-based controls.
  • Scientific Consulting - Have our imaging, visualization, computational neuroscience and cloud security expertise at your disposal. Accelerate your path to neuroimaging today.

It is certainly an excellent idea in an innovative way to provide quick and easy access to process this type of "brain data". A genuine Royal idea. :-)

For more information press here.

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