Friday, July 07, 2017

CEBL3: A New Software Platform for EEG Analysis and Rapid Prototyping of BCI Technologies

We are still waiting for the version 3 of the Colorado Electroencephalography and Brain-Computer Interfaces Laboratory. The CEBL3 it will be a new software platform, presented at 6th International BCI2016 meeting, written in Python, that is designed to support all phases of BCI research and development

A major design goal of CEBL3 is to allow researchers to rapidly progress novel ideas from the early experimental and analysis stages to fully functional BCI prototypes. Current BCI software packages are typically designed with one of two primary goals: offline analysis or performing interactive experiments. 

For instance, EEGLAB and BCILAB are written primarily in MATLAB and easily permit exploratory analysis using standard or custom methods. However, they are not equipped with an extensive framework for developing new user interfaces or performing real-time experiments. On the other hand, software packages like BCI2000 and OpenVibe are well-suited for performing interactive experiments. However, they are written in C++ and require significant time and effort to implement new methods. The goal of CEBL3 is to bridge this gap by providing a single BCI software platform that supports all stages of BCI development in a flexible, feature-rich and high-performance environment

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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