Thursday, October 01, 2015

Identification of Motor Imagery Movements from EEG Signals Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Conference: 4th ICACCI ’15, Kerala, India
DOI: 10.1109/ICACCI.2015.7275623
Abstract: (...) Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Trans-form (DTCWT) domain based feature extraction method has been proposed to identify left and right hand motor imagery movements from EEG signals. After first performing auto-correlation of the EEG signals to enhance the weak brain signals and reduce noise, the EEG signals are decomposed into several bands of real and imaginary coefficients using DTCWT. The energy of the coefficients from relevant bands have been extracted as features and from the one way ANOVA analysis, scatter plots, box plots and histograms, this features are shown to be promising to distinguish various kinds of EEG signals. (...) K-nearest neighbor (KNN) classifiers have been shown to provide a good mean accuracy of 91.07% which is better than several existing techniques.

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