Thursday, September 10, 2015

BrainiHack Event

In March 2015 it took place in Israel the Brainihack event. Although it has taken place for some time ago it have some interested information to publish related to Brain-Computer Interfaces.

"From virtual reality games, through automatic panic alerts to mind-based dating apps, we’ve seen many incredible apps built using some of the cutting edge devices in the field: InteraXon’s Muse, OpenBCI, Neuroelectrics’ Enobio and the not-yet published Neurosteer."

Some interesting projects submited in this event:
  • Emochat – An emotion-enriched chat experience that aims to bridge the emotional divide in a chat vs. real life;
  • BlueGSD – A labyrinth game (maze ball) using SSVEP;
  • Deja-View – A externally-created automatic memory using virtual reality. 

There are also other projects included as Right Path, Hive Mind, Brainifeed or Shoni.

In my opinion this type of meeting is very important to share knowledge and experience providing the openness to new ideas. More information here.

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