Saturday, September 12, 2015

Brain Driver - Control a Car using Your Mind

AutoNOMOS Labs is a German company that is working on a modular system for the operation of autonomous or semi-autonomous cars. 
Using AutoNOMOS, it is be possible to detect impending dangers on roads, highways, and crossings at an early stage and accidents can be prevented. Once the technology is ready, it will be introduced at first on private property and, finally, in public traffic. The project will make a significant contribution to the development of accident-free, efficient, and environmentally friendly mobility.

In the following video we can see the use of the device EPOC from the Emotiv company. By reading the brain electrical signals recorded at the level of the scalp (EEG) it is possible to identify patterns of behavior. In this particular case driver intentions are identified to turn left, turn right and also accelerate or brake

At this moment tests are being carried out on a large place as the airport runway. In my understanding this "car technology" will need time to grow up until a complete solution can be used in a real scenario within our roads.
Not advancing a date in concrete, one day will be possible to think something like: "Stop here and park on the right side!" :-)

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