Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Play computer games without using your hands or feet

New BCI solutions are increasingly common in laboratories and research institutes. One such example is the project developed by Christoph Hintermüller and his team from g.tec Guger Technologies. He says: “We have developed so called brain-computer interfaces which allow the user to control different devices and programmes without hands, by means of the user’s thoughts.

This is one more approach to play a computer game hands-free. Using SSVEP the user selects the commands by simply looking at the blinking arrows on the screen. The frequency of the flashing is reproduced in the brain cortex and read by the electrodes at occipital area.

Also Arnau Manzanal of the research and development department says: "As soon as we have understood the electroencephalography patterns produced by the groups of neurons in the brain, we can map the brain activity to any commands for any device, like a television or a motorised system for the home".

More information about this article can be found here.

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