Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smartphone Brain Scanner

From a raw EEG data obtained with a wireless Emotiv 14 channel Neuroheadset the DTU Informatics from Technical University of Denmark made a EEG monitoring system where a smartphone provides a touch-based interface with real-time brain state decoding and 3D reconstruction.

The headset transmits the EEG data to a receiver module connected to a Smartphone. The delay between the signal appearing in the headset and being visualized on the screen depends on the used source reconstruction window and is between 130 and 150 msec for 8Hz visualization. The framerate of the visualization (realized in OpenGL) is around 30fps.

The Smart Brain Scanner provides a portable EEG system based in a real-time functional brain scanner including stimulus delivery, data acquisition, logging, brain state decoding and 3D activity visualization.

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