Sunday, October 18, 2015

Software for Visual Psychophysics

Prof. Hans Strasburger from Universität München brings together to this page the various existing tools to work with Psychophysics, divided by 15 topics:
  • Libraries, Public Domain and Commercial Applications for Psychophysics;
  • Psychophysical data analysis, SDT;
  • Ophthalmology/Optometry/Neuroophthalmology;
  • Psychological Experimenting Systems;
  • Cognitive Neuroscience;
  • (...)
How well do we see? How can visual function be described and which mechanisms can be thought to underly? Visual psychophysics tries to give answers to these general questions, and research in this area needs specialised software. This is an overview on what is available.

PsychToolbox, for Matlab or Octave, is one of tools example commonly used in SSVEP.

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