Friday, September 04, 2015

NeuroMore - New Research Brain Tool

Neuromore is a new research brain tool to capture and analyze bio signals in real-time. Its possible to visualize brain waves activity, export data captured or control some devices around using multiple simultaneous biosensors. Three different components can be used: Engine, Studio and Cloud as described below.

Neuromore Engine
  • Fully customizable signal processing pipeline
  • Graph-based model for an intuitive data flow paradigm
  • Easy-to-use high-level algorithms for data analysis
  • Sample level synchronization for input devices
  • Usable for real-time, post processing and concurrent analysis applications
  • (...)
Neuromore Studio
  • Interactive classification graph designing tools
  • Fully customizable user interfaces
  • Intuitive tools and workflows and highly optimized user interface
  • Data visualization and real-time signal analysis
  • Signals over time, power spectrum (bars, lines) and 3D
  • (...)

Neuromore Cloud
  • Highly secured and scalable storage solution for biodata
  • Customer relationship management
  • Powerful activity monitoring tools
  • Convenient and full featured front-end

This free application can be used by diferent EEG devices:

After 25 minutes of downloading and installing it in my windows system I've tried to run the application and ... surprise: It crashed!!! Then I changed the firewall settings, antivirus, the installation folder permissions, etc but the problem remained. After sending 3 error reports  to Neuromore I hope to have soon the resolution to this problem!

For more informations about BCI/EEG press here.


  1. I am running it on a low footprint atom processor ( running windows 10 without any problems

  2. How does it help you prevent disease? Like Neurofeedback?