Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Human-Computer Interface Technologies for the Motor Impaired

"Human-Computer Interface Technologies for the Motor Impaired" is the most recent book from Dinesh Kumar and Sridhar Arjunan that examines both the technical and social aspects of Human-Computer Interface (HCI). 

This book introduces to the concept of HCI, identifies and describes the fundamentals associated with a specific technology of HCI, and provides examples for each. It is presented with the following chapters:

  • Human-computer interface: Mechanical sensors;
  • Brain-computer interface based on thought waves and Evoked potentials-based;
  • Myoelectric-based hand gesture recognition for HCI;
  • Video-based hand movment and electrooculography for HCI;
  • Video-based eye tracking and speech for controlling computers;
  • Lip movment for humam-computer interface.

If you want to take a look inside press here.

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