Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Call for Workshops - 6th International BCI

I give knowledge of an email I received from Jane Huggins, PhD, BCI Meeting Chair, about the 6th International BCI Meeting calling for workshops.  

Up to 15 workshops will be held in each time slot and will be devoted to 3 hour workshops that will run concurrently. Each workshop will engage 10-40 participants and focus on a specific topic. Workshops can combine invited talks, targeted discussions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises and/or sharply focused debates as the leaders see fit. Workshop organization should include the participation of senior researchers to ensure proper coverage of the topic.

Researchers and/or practitioners wishing to organize workshops should submit an informal 5-line workshop description to for pre-acceptance. These short descriptions will be screened to minimize topic overlaps and to join groups together.  

Main proposals should include:
  • Workshop title
  • Leader(s) Name(s) and Email(s) and short Bio(s)
  • Description of the workshop topic and goals
  • Detailed workshop timetable
Important dates deadlines:
  • Proposal Pre-Submission: November 1 2015 
  • Main Proposal Submission: December 1 2015

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