Thursday, September 03, 2015

Annual BCI Award 2015 - 10 Projects nominated

BCI Award 2015 announced the 10 projects that have been nominated from the submissions received:
  1. An ECoG-Based BCI on Auditory Attention to Natural Speech; 
  2. Easy riders: BCI for enhancing driving experience; 
  3. Sensorimotor Modulation Assessment and BCI Training with Auditory feedback; 
  4. Brain-to-Text: Towards continuous speech as a paradigm for BCI; 
  5. De-novo experience-based learning in rats interfaced with a "cerebellar chip"; 
  6. Individual Finger Control of the Modular Prosthetic Limb; 
  7. Restoration for the volitional motor function via an artificial neural connection; 
  8. BCI Controlling Cyborg: A Functional Brain-to-Brain Interface between Human and Cockroach; 
  9. A BCI to combat musculoskeletal pain; 
  10. Increasing the useful lifespan of intracortical BCIs. 

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