Friday, November 28, 2014

3rd International Winter Workshop on Brain-Computer Interfaces

From 12 until 14 January, 2015, at Seoul - Korea, will be held the conference 3rd International Winter Workshop on Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Different approaches to Brain-Computer Interfaces have been developed, each one with specific solutions that range from understanding and explaining cognitive functions over communicating with real and virtual environments by thought alone to real-time monitoring of cognitive states. 
The 3rd International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface aims to encourage overview, in-depth talks and discussions on the latest research at all levels of BCI research. 
Its devotion includes:

  • invasive recording, 
  • semi-invasive ECoG, 
  • non-invasive EEG, 
  • non-invasive NIRS and fMRI measurement and 
  • potential combinations of the different methods furthermore advances in data analysis. 

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