Tuesday, February 26, 2013

OpenViBE 0.15.0 and Mensia Technologies

After almost 6 months with less activity the open-source OpenViBE BCI application has begun a new project and it has now the software version 0.15.0. With this upgrade, for now, it is possible the Acquisition-Server (AS) receive simulations from external applications that must run at the same computer where the AS is installed.

New features are expected as well as professional use. The french company Mensia Technologies located in Paris is an example with their core business centered in OpenViBE.
Hopefully this project will continue his development offering new features and keeping based in user-friend technology!


  1. So this technology focuses on humain brain cure & development?

    Retail Displays

  2. I cant change flash duration and number of trial in P300 magic. Can you help me ?

  3. Hello Yayik.
    The best way to get an answer to your problem is to use the OpenVibe forum.

    Best regards