Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Brain Interactive Map

University of California at Berkeley did an interesting study called "Interactive map: how the brain sorts what we see". It shows how the brain is wired to put the categories of objects and actions we see daily and it organizes these groupings. 

Using fMRI they record the patients brain activity while showing 2 hours of movie trailers where each object and action of the movies were identified before. Measuring the blood flow in about 30.000 of Voxels (Volumetric Pixels), covering the entire cortex, it was possible to determine how each object and action affects those areas.
The final result was to formulate models that describe how the brain encodes visual information and responds during natural vision. 
Here it is a small video which I've made using the BrainViewer. 

If you have an old PC probably it will not be possible to use the online "BrainViewer" because some of the WebGL functions don’t exist in the video board.

For more informations about BCI/EEG press here.

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