Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Virtual Brain - Download Free

The Virtual Brain software (TVB) is a computational framework for the virtualization of brain structure and function. This is accomplished by simulating network dynamics using biologically realistic large-scale connectivity.

TVB merges structural information on individual brains including 3D geometry of neocortex, white matter connectivity, etc. and then simulates the emergent brain dynamics. The logic of TVB is the following:
  • Structural information provides certain constraints on the type of network dynamics that may emerge.
  • While these constraints limit arbitrary brain dynamics, structural connectivity provides the foundation on top of which a dynamic repertoire of functional configurations can emerge.
  • When brain structure is changed, as maturation, aging, or from damage or disease, then the brain’s dynamic repertoire changes.

TVB allows the systematic investigation of the dynamic repertoire as a function of structure. It moves away from the investigation of isolated regional responses and considers the function of each region in terms of the interplay among brain regions.

This allows us to
  • Re-classify lesions in terms of the network of nodes (regions) and connections (axons, white matter tracts) that have been damaged and to
  • Investigate the mechanisms that preserve function by understanding how regional damage affects the function of other parts of the network.

For more information about BCI/EEG press here.

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